Journey with Us

As a consulting firm, our people are our core assets. They are the engine that gets the work done and the brains that create our thought leadership. We value the relationship we have with each and every individual.

Supporting You in Your Life at Work

You spend a significant part of your life at work. We want it to be worthwhile to you, which is why we want to make any part of your life you share with us enjoyable and fulfilling. How?

The openness of a flat organization

No titles. We believe in high standards and self-motivation. Individuals who choose consulting have these traits and are self-motivated to do excellent work, continuously learn, and expand their skills.

We also want each individual to speak his or her thoughts. Only if we can be honest with ourselves and with each other can we move forward at the fastest pace.

Open access. Regardless of tenure or years of experience, each of our colleagues has access to anyone else in the organization. This promotes learning from each other through all “levels” of the firm.

Cultivation rooted in believing in you

We believe each individual has a personal best that only needs to be tapped into to bring them to success. However, each individual is different, which is why the same learning and development strategy won’t work for everyone. We value you for your strengths today and your future potential, and we work with you to expand your capabilities.

Supporting You in Your Life beyond Work

We also recognize that much of what makes each of us interesting, fun, and fulfilled is the life we live beyond work. It’s why we believe there’s a solution to drive work-life balance and overcome lack of control in the traditional consulting world. How? First, by building a community of people who share these same values, who accept the give-and-take to make it happen. And then ...

Flexing with your life

We make it possible for people to work with us regardless of the constraints in their personal lives. Our consultants may join us on a flex-time schedule and working remotely. We value the expertise of industry veterans and partner with them on a project-by-project basis.

Enabling efficiency

Light internal business processes. At Qral, we trust in our people’s intrinsic motivation to be productive in delivering for clients. This gives us great control; this gives us a strong sense of work-life balance.

We have our common gathering places, but we don’t have our employees go to the workplace every day.

Technology to make life easier. We use new technology to bring talented people to work together in a synchronized way, regardless of geographic location. We focus on learning and adapting the latest technologies because we recognize this can make our work more efficient, thereby saving time for more "life" in the work/life balance.

Life is a journey. Let’s make it worthwhile. Journey with us.

Interested in Joining Us?

If you think you might be a good fit, please share with us your resume and the type of role you’re interested in. We look forward to talking with you.

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