Maximizing Commercial Value

The Ever-Changing Life Sciences Ecosystem

The life sciences industry interacts with people on deeply personal and life-affecting issues. Strong forces have emerged that constantly shape this ecosystem:
  • International political pressures
  • Scientific advances
  • Country-by-country regulatory norms
  • Interactions between providers (organized and individual), payers, and consumers
The challenges our clients face are not new:
  • How do I grow sales?
  • How do I differentiate vs. competitors?
  • How do I execute this plan with the budget available?
Yet, the context is different. Decisions such as "should I pay reps on gross sales or net sales?" or "does the President's State of the Union announcement change the price for this oncology asset?" are impacted by these broader forces.

"This job was easier 15 years ago. Back then, if I needed to grow sales, I would hire more reps."[1]
Our society and individual day-to-day lives are shaped by new technology. The emerging generation of leaders expects:
  • Their consulting deliverables on tablets
  • That you liked their LinkedIn post last night
  • That you can derive insights from their data, however big or small

    Global Commercialization Strategy that Flows with Current Forces

    We help leaders build new solutions to business challenges, supporting them through the full life of a product as it commercializes across the globe.

    Commercial strategy and operations across the full product life cycle. We evolve our service offerings and clients served as the commercial asset matures. We work across all phases of the product life cycle, from BD&L teams conducting early-stage market evaluations to marketing teams deciding how to sunset commercial promotion as loss of exclusivity approaches.
    Market and asset development Go-to-market strategy Commercial effectiveness and operations Life cycle planning
    • Market landscape
    • Patient journey
    • Asset valuation
    • Deal negotiation
    • Product and portfolio positioning
    • Market access strategy
    • Distribution channel strategy
    • Promotion strategy
    • Multi-channel marketing optimization
    • Process and governance design
    • Organization design
    • Opportunity identification

    Technology utilization
    • Data management
    • Business intelligence
    • Data visualization
    Global, regional, and local design and implementation. In today’s connected society, we understand the importance of shaping global synchronicity while recognizing the distinct dynamics at play in each individual country. Our consultants have delivered projects across 50+ countries, working with companies’ teams in global, regional management, and local affiliates.

    Service Offerings

    Push-Button Marketing Mix Alignments from scratch in hours, not weeks, not months. Data included. Cloud Reporting for Commercial Teams On-Site Commercial Analytics

    Client Stories

    Pushing Medicine Forward by Streamlining BD&L

    • Photo by Global X, flickr
    • [1] US Commercial President
    • Drawing by Adam Hadjinian